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About Us
Suwannee River AHEC has helped North Central Florida with its continuing education and continuing medical education needs for over 20 years. Our mission is to promote and provide access to quality health connections for our community.


For questions or issues, please contact us at 386-462-1551 or
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Our online portal is designed with ease of use for you, the learner, in mind. Centralizing your continuing education, our learning management system provides all your supporting course materials, activity logistics, tests, certificates, and updates in one place. The integrated evaluation system means no bothersome emails to your inbox long after you've moved on to other things, and you can print your participation certificate right from your desktop.

Courses can be completed at your own pace, and the materials can be accessed at any time once you've purchased a course.
Once you successfully complete a course, our system will automatically report your credit to CE Broker. You must have your license number correctly entered under your profile for your credit to be reported. Please visit the Florida DOH License Verification site to double check that your license is in the proper format. Please enter only one license in your profile, as entering multiple will result in an error.
Please note: We do not report NABP/ACPE credit to CPE Monitor. Our system only reports CE/CME credit to CE Broker.

Register now to find your next continuing education course or live conference. Click on the "Live" tab to view our upcoming live conferences and the "Distance" tab to view our online enduring programs.
Programs Release Date Expiration Date Hours
A Supplement to Influenza Vaccination Update: Influenza Antivirals Update 08/18/2013 08/18/2016 0.25
Cancer Free Florida Webinar Series: Colorectal Cancer 05/01/2016 05/01/2017 1.00
Cancer Free Florida Webinar Series: Lung Cancer Screening 05/01/2016 05/01/2017 1.00
Cholesterol Management Update 02/18/2014 02/18/2017 1.50
Chronic Pain Management 12/18/2013 12/18/2016 1.50
Cultural Awareness Basics 08/17/2016 08/17/2018 1.00
Diabetes Update 2014 05/18/2014 05/18/2017 1.50
Head to Toe: The Health Consequences of Tobacco Use 06/16/2015 06/16/2017 1.00
Health Experiences of Gender and Sexual Minorities 01/22/2016 01/22/2018 1.00
Hypertension Management Update 08/25/2014 08/25/2017 1.50
Immunization Update: A Focus on Medical Indications for Vaccines in Adults 04/18/2014 04/18/2017 1.50
Lesser Evils? Second and Thirdhand Smoke and Smokeless Tobacco 06/10/2015 06/09/2017 1.00
Licensure Series: Domestic Violence and the Healthcare Response 03/16/2015 03/16/2017 2.00
Licensure Series: Florida Nursing Laws and Rules 11/12/2015 11/12/2017 2.00
Licensure Series: HIV/AIDS Update 11/12/2015 11/12/2017 1.00
Licensure Series: Preventing Medical Errors 11/12/2015 11/12/2017 2.00
Motivational Interviewing 01/21/2015 01/21/2018 1.00
New Drugs 2014-2015, Part 1 03/31/2015 03/30/2018 1.50
New Drugs 2014-2015, Part 2 05/26/2015 05/26/2018 1.50
Pediatric Asthma and Allergy 04/08/2016 04/09/2018 1.00
Recognition, Management and Reporting of Acute Pesticide Poisonings in Florida 07/28/2015 06/30/2017 1.50
The Health Insurance Marketplace: What Health Professionals Need to Know 09/12/2014 09/15/2016 1.00
Tobacco Systems Change: From Strategies to Success 06/16/2015 06/16/2017 1.00
Tobacco Trend Busting 06/16/2015 06/16/2017 1.00
You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention 09/02/2015 09/04/2017 1.00
You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention - Recorded Webinar 09/25/2015 09/04/2017 1.00